VMware Horizon-End User Experience Scorecard

Insights based on objective data and industry benchmarks​

Benchmark your end-user experience against industry standards with Goliath’s VMware Horizon End-User Experience Scorecard.

Most traditional methods of analyzing user experience force IT to make large assumptions that rely either on subjective user feedback or traditional IT infrastructure component monitoring. Unlike these inaccurate methods, the Goliath Scorecard provides an objective view of user experience, from the user’s perspective, so that IT can focus on making the right decisions.

This objective view uses Goliath’s deep integration into VMware Horizon and the local Horizon client to provide the user experience score. It then goes further by breaking out the individual components of that connection that make up the user’s experience, so that IT can quickly explain why a user has a low score, and which portion is responsible, such as home WiFi bandwidth versus an IT server resource problem. With objective data, you can now provide management with evidence to justify the appropriate IT decisions & investments, and prevent wasting time and resources in the wrong areas.​

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